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Freedom Realized Book Update

freedom realized

Manuscript finished and going to publishers and to two more editors! The survey is being peer reviewed!  Hope to have a book in hand by the first of the Fall 2017!

Freedom Realized!” is the title of my new book that is coming out soon!  A possible subtitle: Finding Freedom from Homosexuality & Living A Life Free From Labels

There are some unique and significant differences which distinguish Freedom Realized from other books dealing with overcoming homosexuality.  First, Freedom Realized will report data from a survey of 1200+ people who have come through First Stone Ministries over the last 25 years. It reveals that people, in fact, do find lasting freedom.  The conclusion contains statistics from 185 confirmed respondents. The data clearly reveals that people who spent at least one year in pastoral care and in support group ministry seeking the Lord Jesus Christ wholeheartedly found lasting freedom. Second, Freedom Realized addresses problems in ‘ex-gay’ ministry – what works and what doesn’t work. I will address some of the deceptive messaging from the mixture of antinomianism and psychology that lowers the bar of holiness and hinders the freedom that Christ’s Gospel imparts. Third, the book imparts hope by showing how to access the power to find lasting freedom. Finally, and most exciting, are the insights from seasoned leaders with over 20 years of experience.  They will convey their messages on how FREEDOM is REALIZED!

Video Book Update 5-24-2017

First Presentation of the Freedom Realized Project information!  Presented at the Restored Hope Network HOPE 2016 Conference in Orland Park, IL.  This presentation provides a glimpse into some of the initial statistics (1989-1999)  from the First Stone Ministries Effectiveness Survey to be shared in the Freedom Realized book and report.


Video Book Update 



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