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Aug 2016 23 Aug 23, 2016

August 2016 Update: More Scientific Evidence that NO ONE IS BORN GAY!   The Entire "LGBT" Narrative Just Crumbled Almost Everything the Media Tell You About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Is Wrong Johns Hopkins Scientists Offer Absolute Proof Gay Agenda's 'Born This Way' Is a Lie The New Atlantis - A Journal of Technology and Society:  Special Report - Sexuality and Gender (No One Is Born Gay). (Originally Published in July 2...Read More

Aug 2016 20 Aug 20, 2016

   Scandalous Good News by Andrew Comiskey A Forward by Stephen Black:   I am always on the hunt to find messages that will really prophetically rivet my soul to its core. I have recently been touched by two messages that seem to be bookends to what is relevant in our day. I am always looking for messages that will speak in context to the ministry we provide at First Stone Ministries; as we want to be a source of life-giving ministry and hope to the ...Read More

Aug 2016 12 Aug 12, 2016

Which do you choose? Pusski or Aslan? Stats say that 70% of church-going men are viewing porn on a weekly basis; they are covered up in shame and darkness! Most men in the Church today are like "Pusski" – the domesticated couch cat, pictured here. Please pray with me! Let's pray for the men, our brothers in the Church, to be like Aslan - A Lion - like Jesus who is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. One unfortunate problem I've continued to run into (especially amon...Read More